Invest in property development

An investment that makes sense and develops a place we know by respecting the local conditions.

Take your chance, achieve a high return on your capital amounting to several dozen percent and improve the space around you.

We are architects, civil engineers and property developers. After 15 years on the property development market we know how to turn unused space into an investment with a gain of several dozen percent. Think big and become one of our investors! Together we will build an exceptional building that will leave a permanent footprint.

Invest in property, even if you have little market knowledge

We will find an investment opportunity that makes sense.

We will deliver all documents you need and obtain the building permit.

We will build the building.

We will achieve a return: we sell or rent the property.

0 years

Average investment duration

You provide capital, time and patience

Before you see the result, a whole chain of things has to happen. And every piece of the puzzle must fit together. Only experienced property developers can guide you through the whole process to success: we govern risks and achieve high returns.

0 percent*

Average return, in total

An opportunity for a high return

A well-done investment in property is an investment that pays back, because the value of real estate has been constantly on the rise. Property-development projects bring a higher risk, but also much higher gains.

*Annual average return 15.2%
We have a long track record

We have a long track record

We have been building properties for more than 15 years with a clear vision: achieve a return and build permanent value from which the next generations, too, will benefit. We are Renfield: a team of architects, civil engineers and property developers who greatly enjoy the opportunity to improve the space around us.

Our footprint

The next residential building or business park can be yours. Join us!